Our main focus is on real estate investing, financing or co-financing of investment and development projects, the purchase of bonds, shares, qualifying investor funds (QIFs) and other instruments
of a financial market.

An investment horizon depends on each particular project.

Do you have an interesting project in mind?
Tell us about it.

FS Assets offers the possibility of co-financing entrepreneurial projects in an active or passive way with a minimum investment
of 1 million CZK. We are seeking out property investments (apartment blocks, office and commercial buildings). We are also interested
in participating in unconventional projects and other potential investments.


Co-financing of projects and business enterprises

Co-financing and financing of investment projects and business enterprises is an important part of our initiatives. We invest in these projects either passively – collateral loans, or actively – capital links based on private equity. We also participate in development project investments and we are seeking other potential investment opportunities.

Real estate investment and management

Real estate investments account for a significant part of our portfolio. We purchase and rent property with our own management and maintenance. We concentrate mainly on apartment blocks but also on buildings suitable for administrative or commercial purposes.
We are actively seeking investment opportunities.

Securities, bonds, shares, qualifying investor funds

We engage in financial operations in both domestic and foreign markets. Our portfolio contains shares and bonds of stable issuers. We invest in qualifying investor funds (QIFs) as well.
Minimally, we also deal with high-risk investments.


Our team 

Ing. Bohumil Jána
Managing Director and Executive Officer,
specialization in real estate investments

Ing. Jan Křivka, MBA
Managing Director, specialization in investments in companies and startups (PE&VC)

Vojtěch Briestenský
Property Manager

Petra Kotásková, DiS.
Account Manager and Administration Manager

Company milestones

COMPANY FORMATION and purchase of the first properties

The beginning of share trading, team expansion

The first development project


About us

The investment company FS Assets is a part of FS Group owned by the Moravian Church in the Czech Republic. 




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FS Assets, s. r. o.
Boženy Němcové 54/9
Liberec V – Kristiánov 460 05
IČO: 28747003
DIČ: CZ28747003

+420 608 014 917